Easy Mounting boards
Photographic and Inkjet Display Professional, Durable, Easy to use
New Foam Board Surfaces
We offer a variety of print-ready board for direct digital imaging
All-Purpose Foam Board
Our foam boards are versatile and make handling effortless

White Foam Board

Enjoy the superior printability, image quality and cutting ease of our White Foam Board. Use it when superior imaging surface for digital printing, exhibits, painting, screen printing, signage and more is matter.

PSA Foam Board

PSA Foam Board, presentations will be easy and professional, without messy glues, sprays or expensive mounting equipment. For a time-saving performance PSA Foam Board can’t be beat.

Aluminum Foam Board

AVID Products Metallic Foam Board in Brushed Aluminum and Brushed Gold provides a vibrant metallic surface that is print-ready. Brushed metal foam boards are perfect for lightweight signs and displays.

Experience product variety

Count on AVID for new foam board surfaces. Some of our exciting foam boards include metallics, canvas and colors. We offer a variety of print-ready board for direct digital imaging, peel-n-stick adhesive foam and all varieties of black and white facers and black and white cores. AVID works with a variety of customers to deliver custom foam board to their specifications. We operate our own plants for all of our lines. So, our capabilities can include almost any combination of facers, facer colors, core materials and thicknesses.
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