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Foam Board Manufacturing

AVID is a manufacturer of a foam core board products used in a wide variety of applications such as digital printing, screen printing, POP displays, exhibits, cut graphics and indoor signage. AVID Foam Board products are smooth, clay-coated paper surfaces with tough polystyrene cores. AVID manufactures foam board in a variety of applications, strengths, surfaces, compositions and colors as well as sizes and thicknesses.

We Manufacture Custom Orders

We seek improvement and innovation in every element of our business. This is driven by encouraging creativity and striving for market competition. AVID’s mission is to provide products of consistently superior quality at price levels that are fair and competitive. Achieving this mission is a responsibility we all share and is necessary to meet the expectations of our customers and ourselves.

Avid foam Products

The Latest in Foam Board Surfaces, Ultra-Rigid Cores, Print-Ready Surfaces, Colors, Metallic and Preservation Quality Framing and Exhibit Foam Boards

We Manufacture Custom Orders

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